Monday, 28 July 2014

The travel bug never stops

So close... so very, very close to hitting that much anticipated fiftieth country! We recently hit number 46 when we took our long awaited summer holiday to Cyprus. Yes. We travel a lot. Yes. I know you all want to roll your eyes at me when I say, "But weekend trips away aren't holidays!" But I'm sticking to my guns and am adamant when I say this was a PROPER holiday!

When we travel, we often bounce around a few cities in a weekend or our total time away is less than four days. This time, we booked a trip to Cyprus for NINE NIGHTS and we were staying in the same place the WHOLE time! I know, exciting!! The thought of being able to unpack and just relax was something I was looking forward to more than ever before. Again, get ready to roll your eyes at me when I say what I'm about to say. Travelling is amazing but it's so tiring and sometimes you forget to take in what you're seeing because it's so quick and rushed. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love every place we visit and I'm incredibly lucky to have been able to see all the amazing places we've seen, but when you fly back on a Sunday night late, your flight is delayed, you stand in line at passport control, race through the airport to get the train, then have to change and get another train, and you get through the door close to midnight and know you have to get up and go to work the next day... it's exhausting! I know, I'm hearing the violins too!

And so to Cyprus. We stayed in an absolutely beautiful villa with loads of room, a full kitchen, dining and lounge room, two bathrooms, Cypriot bbq and a huge pool. It was absolutely heavenly! We were a ten minute walk from lots of bars, restaurants and shops and just five minute from a number of breathtaking beaches. With crystal clear waters, perfect blue skies and warm summer weather, it was exactly what I'd be hoping for and so much more.

Our villa
Cyprus, June 2014

B of course, can't sit still for very long and was trying to plan something for us to do every day. He soon realised that he needed to compromise - one day of 'nothing' followed by one day of 'doing something'. On the 'doing something' days we spent a day at the waterpark, acting like great big kids and having an awesome day out. Although I am officially a waterpark snob... the best is still Wet 'n Wild on the Gold Coast and this one in Ayia Napa was good... but not Wet 'n Wild good. We spent a day at the beach and in the town of Ayia Napa - a cross between Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, and Patong in Thailand. VERY touristy, but that's what you expect really. We discovered purely by accident, some sea caves with some of the most beautiful water I have ever seen in my entire life. It was perfection.

The colours just blew me away
Cyprus, June 2014

To be honest, that was kind of it. We cooked delicious food on our Cypriot bbq, swam in the pool every day, went to various beaches (my favourite was Nissi Beach and our almost private beach cove five minutes from our villa) dranks lots of Keo beer and yummy cocktails (and some not so yummy ones... margaritas in Cyprus vary from delicious to what-on-earth-is-that-it's-absolutely-disgusting. Ate lots of hummus, haloumi, pita wraps, frozen yogurt, icecream... ah, I love holiday food!

Breakfast in the sunshine. I was a geek...
I took my own homemade muesli
Cyprus, June 2014

Cypriot bbq deliciousness
Cyprus, June 2014

Rose and chocolate gelato - mmm!
Cyprus, June 2014

It's a cocktail!! In a PINEAPPLE!!
Cyprus, June 2014

So a whole nine nights have been and gone. It actually felt like we'd had a proper holiday and had been away for ages but at the same time, it flew by way too quickly. Cyprus and it's incredible beaches has truly cemented itself into the number two spot in my most favourite country of all time list. Or maybe third. But definitely top three. I think. Arrrgh, too many amazing countries to choose from!! 

Speaking of which, our next trip will see us visit Cuba, Mexico, The US (Vegas and San Fran) and Hong Kong. Stay tuned, it's gonna be awesome. But for the time being, here are some photos to show you how wonderful our Cyprus trip was.

Morning walk
Cyprus, June 2014

Exploring beautiful beaches
Cyprus, June 2014

Sea Caves. Absolute perfection
 June 2014

Baaaaarrrr!! Pirate ship at
the sea caves
Cyprus, June 2014

Being sun safe!
Cyprus, June 2014

Beautiful Nissi Beach
Cyprus, June 2014

Beach time. Yes, that's a beer. Of
course it is!
Cyprus, June 2014

Look at those COLOURS!
Nissi Beach, Cyprus
June 2014

Cypriot iced coffee - yum!
Cyprus, June 2014


  1. Oh D, I love Cyprus, the nicest beach in the world for me is Fig Tree Bay in Protaras in Cyprus. SO close to Aya Napa - I'm glad you enjoyed it, and can't wait to see you sooooooonnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!

    1. Yes!! Fig Tree Bay was amazing!! We went there on our last day and I just couldn't get over how stunning it was! Heaven!!