Monday, 2 June 2014

Life. Love. Travel. Food

When I started this blog, the first thing I did was come up with ideas of what to call it. To state the obvious, I settled on lifelovetravelfood - a bit of this, a bit of that, all the things I'm passionate about. 

After my first post, we were discussing it at work and my friend K explained to another friend that the idea behind my blog was that I wrote a bit on each section every post - a bit of life, a touch of love, my latest travel and lots of food. If I'm perfectly honest, that wasn't the idea at all but she made it sound so good so I just picked it up and ran with it. 

But as my blog as progresses, I worry that I might be starting to get a bit boring. Plus with some sections much bigger than others (and one day that 'travel' section is bound to dry up) I thought why not mix it up a bit. Gotta learn to love and embrace change! My next thought was to focus some blog posts just on one theme. So which ones gets the first solo act?

It seems a bit silly to blog about 'travel' when we've barely left the TW postcode, let alone the country so what could I possibly write about. I'll save that one for later. 

Keeping it local - by the river
in Staines (yes, Ali-G's hood)

Well, 'love' is always a tough one cause I don't want to write sappy things about B. That's really not my style. And besides, with my niece or nephew coming into the world in a few short weeks, I might save it for when I meet him / her for the first time. I can't imagine that won't be love at first sight. 

Summer is on its way - something I LOVE
(plus I don't think J would want me to put
up a pic of her bump - even though I
think it's absolutely beautiful)

So that leaves 'life' or 'food'. To be honest, I'm in a bit of a rut with 'life'. Nothing to complain about (although B will beg to differ) just nothing to write home about either. I continue to look at the bright side of life (because there's a LOT of brightness and so much to be grateful for) and remember what's important. Easier said than done, that's for sure. But perhaps I'll leave 'life' for another month when I've figured out what the future holds for me.

Life can be absolutely beautiful. A
stunning sunset in my usually less than
beautiful neighborhood. Taken from
my balcony

So there you go... It all comes down to food. Yessss!! Secretly this is what I wanted to talk about all along and spend most of my days talking about to anyone who'll a) listen b) feign an ever so slight interest in the topic. I don't preach. I don't judge (no J, I do not judge!) because no two people are the same and eveyone's opinions are different. Plus when people tell me that certain foods I eat are a scam and have no benefit and I'm getting sucked into a world of corporate marketing, that really annoys me. Each to their own I say and that's the way it should be for eveything.

A clean creation - coconut and buckwheat
pancakes. Don't act like you're
not impressed...

Oh look at that... now it looks as if this has turned into a blog post of it's own! I think I'm beginning to believe what my parents have said for years and what people at work are starting to come out and say... I do rabbit on a lot, don't I?!

One last thing. K, who writes over at somethingkatesaid this is my thank you for being the brains, the inspiration and the ideas girl behind my blog! I'd never have thought of it on my own, you creative little gem you! 

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