Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Something to write home about

Since the beginning of the year, I have been inspired by so many people's blogs - from those with incredible photos, great stories, funny one-liners, to those that are... shall we say... not so great!

I love writing, sharing photos and stories but I am also very aware that some people may find my constant (not so much now) emails and photo after photo rather irritating so I have decided to take on a different approach and give people the option to read or not to read without me clogging up their inbox.

So this is my blog - LifeLoveTravelFood. All things me, all things to write home about.


Nice, France - October 2011
Sunshine and champagne on the 'beach' (it's not a beach if
it doesn't have sand in my view) life doesn't get any better

All about the goings-on in my world. Living in London does have a certain glamorous ring to it so I'll try and keep that dream alive and write about my current home town in the most positive of lights. Unless I'm talking about the weather, the tube or the lack of family - J&L excluded - and friends from home over here. Since I've not been so good at keeping everyone up to date with the ins and outs of life, this space might help keep you posted.

Engaged in New York, February 2011

Miss to Mrs. I do. The year of the wedding. 2012 is the year that I try to ensure my entire life doesn't revolve around one day. 'The coolest bride in the world' - as I like to say, but that's for another post. It's also the year I promised myself I wouldn't continuously post on facebook about my upcoming white wedding because a certain someone (who also happens to be a bridesmaid, whose name starts with B and she KNOWS who she is) made me feel ashamed and embarrassed by potentially being one of those 'lame' brides who harps on about stuff no one else really cares about. Like table settings. And invitation fonts. And ties that have to match dresses. Miss B, all wedding posts are hereby dedicated to you. You never said anything about lame wedding blog posts. Might be a bit embarrasing if she never actually read my blog though... 

First spot of sunshine in what felt like forever
Portugal, February 2011
Living in the UK means we can take a day trips to Paris, spend a weekend in Switzerland and fit three countries into one long weekend. The countries we have visited (and re-visited) so far have been incredible and it's one of the most amazing things about living over here. I am ashamed to admit that to this day, I never book a single trip away, that's B's speciality because while he's booking our brilliant holidays, I like to think about...

Brisbane food markets, December 2011

My passion in life. I adore food. I love cooking, I love feeding people, I love everything about it. Cooking keeps me sane, it makes me feel happy and it makes other people happy. I think I spent most of today emailing J back and forth about food. What I made for dinner last night, what we ate on the weekend, what I'm having tonight, what I had for lunch. It got me through what was an otherwise very uneventful work day. I was once told by a friend, "Food is not for pleasure. It is for a purpose."

I could not disagree more.

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  1. So awesome Darne - looking forward to reading all about your adventures xxx